Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

Episode Summary

Self-doubt, unchecked emotions, snap judgments, or conflict are all reasons people sabotage their own potential for success. Many studies contend that it is not skill or knowledge that separates effective from nominal performance. Rather, such behaviors demonstrate a failure in one or more dimensions of emotional intelligence. Fortunately, emotional intelligence is something that can be cultivated and improved though mindfulness, self-awareness, and relationship management. How this cultivation can be accomplished is why we have invited Merida L. Johns to the Hi-Pitch Podcast. Dr. Johns is the founder and director of The Monarch Center for Women’s Leadership Development, which helps professionals acquire the confidence, leadership behaviors, and skills for influencing and inspiring others. Dr. Johns is also the author of a recent article in the Journal of AHIMA on the subject of emotional intelligence. Listeners of the podcast can find links to the article and the Monarch Center in the show notes.

Episode Notes